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      Correspondence Course

In requests from operators looking for an easy way to get just one C.E.C., we are offering this correspondence course.
"An Introduction to the Basics of Water Supply Disinfection Using Chlorine"

This course is DEQ approved for 0.1 technical C.E.C.

The cost is $30.00

Open or down load the files to the right.  The files can be saved and/or printed for reading at a later time.  This is an open book quiz, so you can use the reading material as you take the quiz.

Read the material, take the quiz, and then mail a copy of the completed quiz to:
Holben Environmental  25852 Wright Rd., Sturgis, MI 49091, with a check or money order in the amount of $30.00 (written to Holben Environmental)

Or email a copy of the quiz and your answers to holbens@outlook.com and pay with PayPal or credit card.

Upon receipt of payment and passing the quiz (70% correct or better required to pass), we will send you via regular mail a certificate of completion and notify DEQ to update your C.E.C.’s accordingly. 

Continued Training Oportunities

Thank you to Blue-Water Management Solutions. They will be providing training in the same locations and the same or similar topics.

They will start training in January/ February 2018.
Watch for a brocure in your mail

On Line Course

0.1   C.E.C
Drinking Water Technical