About Us
Ron Holben

Environmental Scientist and a Certified Waterworks System Operator

Graduated from Michigan Technological University, B.S in Biology.

40+ years of experience in the water supply program.

Worked for local health departments for 4 ½ years, then for 27 years with the State of Michigan in the drinking water and wastewater programs (10 years in the U.P. office, 7 years with the Noncommunity Water Supply Unit, and the remainder with the Well Construction Unit).

Michigan Ground Water Association
Technical Director 2010 -2013

Member of:
Michigan Environmental Health Association.
     Past President (2000)
     2001 recipient Larue L. Miller Sanitarian of the           Year Award

Sharie Holben

Registered Well Drilling Contractor and a Certified Waterworks System Operator.

20+ years experience in the water well industry.

Designed, installed and performed troubleshooting for public and private wells and pump systems.  Owned and operated a well drilling business in northern Michigan for 10 years.  Moved to Lansing and worked for local drilling company for 5 years.

Michigan Ground Water Association
Chairman - Education  / Public Relations
State director - district 8  (2009 - 2013)
Secretary - district 8  (2005 - 2008)
President - district 16 (1999 - 2001)

Member of:
Michigan Environmental Health Association
Holben Environmental